Re-Establishing Balance & Harmony

Fun Fact: Libra rules the 7th house of the zodiac wheel, is represented as JUSTICE in divination, & seeks balance in all things, but especially relationships.


Last week Mercury officially began her slow circuit through Libra. While the effects may've been felt 1-2 weeks earlier, we were met with the density of this transit on September 27th, & will continue to dredge through the thick of it until October 18th. This means something different for all of us, but with this happening in Libra I can almost guarantee this means we're re-evaluating our relationships with ourselves, and others...


One trend I've noticed with friends & family is how we're almost DEMANDING reciprocity now. We're no longer ok with just being ok in RELATIONships. The key to reciprocal connections is that all parties can RELATE, otherwise it gets lopsided QUICK. I know too many one-sided connections that exalt the desires of one person in a relationship, while the other gets woefully neglected and/or depleted trying to bring everything to the table. It's time to bring what you CAN or WANT to carry, have a seat, and allow the other person to show up with reciprocal energy. If you provide conversation, they should be able to engage. If you provide the bread, they should bring the butter... and so on and so forth. Reciprocity is the absolute key to never depleting your own energetic supply when dealing with other people. Because as humans we ALWAYS need something, but we should strive to remain cognizant of GIVING as much as we GET, so harmony & balance are always at play.


This Mercury Retrograde occurring in Libra, though frustrating (other transits explained in another post) is asking us to communicate clearly with partners, friends, family & co-workers about how to bring balance back to the table so everyone feels like we're on equal footing. It's a re-evaluation period for our style of communication within relationships, as well a review process for what changes might be necessary to yield the results we need and desire in these relationships. The people who MIND these important conversations don't matter...and the ones who actually MATTER definitely won't mind...they'll most likely be on the same frequency and secretly craving the same shift.


Aside from dealing with important relationship matters with others, really slow down and provide some renewal & self care for yourself. How hard have you been on yourself lately? About your physical appearance? Your lack of energy? Your choice in partners or friends? Spending habits? We can beat ourselves up all day, but ourSELF is the one thing in this world that we should learn to cherish the most. Its the vessel we occupy to experience this life. It's our home away from our eternal home. It houses our spirit, and that alone is A LOT. 


The spirit is INFINITE, and instead of cherishing these tiny human bodies (no matter how big you may feel it is) that have this magical ability to contain universal energy, we beat up on it with verbal and mental abuse...Love on yourself, family. The relationship you have with yourself plays an important role in what you tolerate out of external relationships with others. This retrograde initiate the steps to change what you want & can, anything else can slowly rot your spirit if you don't release control over something not in your hands anyhow. Even if you start with something as simple as affirmations: I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am abundant, I am free... the more you instill these affirmations in yourself, the more you begin to believe and know it to be true. And it IS true.


Everything is LOVE this season. Every loss is a lesson. Every victory is a blessing. Every experience provides water to nourish the seeds being sprinkled about at this time. A slight shift in perspective may be necessary for some instances, but never forget, everything is rooted in love.



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