Mantras & Affirmations

It's perfectly normal, and sometimes expected (depending on the circumstances) to draw a blank when trying to raise your vibration...especially if you find yourself in an unexpected, tense or otherwise low vibrational situation. Here we've provided you with a few mantras & affirmations to use while smudging, during rituals, or as daily reminders.


While Smudging:

Anything not of peace, protection, love, joy & abundance is unwelcome in this space. All energy dwelling in the low vibration of fear, anger, negativity and lack must exit this space and never return. I ask that all energy of the highest good for myself (and my family) please remain in my/our home & forever in my/our favor.

New Moon Mantras:

* I release what no longer serves me.

* I will share my talents & abilities

* I silence my inner critic

* I am deserving of everything I pursue

* I embrace all of my emotions

* I release grudges and resentment with grace

* I make room for new opportunities


Daily Affirmations:

- I am grateful for all that I have, and all that is to come

- Today I choose to be happy

- I have an abundance of energy

- Prosperity and Success are mine

- I am a magnet for Good Vibes Only