Instead of creating revenue by offering a Black Friday sale this year, we would like to extend our gratitude beyond thanksgiving by closing our store to the *public & observing other small, women owned businesses for 7 days. Beginning at 12am PST on 11/27- 12am PST on 12/4 we would like to highlight the following businesses:

* Moon, Water and Honey
Kara - Waistbeads

* Spotlight Body
Monique - Artisan Soaps

* Kaleidadope
Krystal - Self Made Tarot Decks

* Hey Girl Tribe
Chelle - Glamour Accessories

* A.P. Creations
Amanda - Handmade Shirts, Signs & Ornaments

Gerlyn - Empowerment Accessories

* Kreatiive Kreations
Porsha - Custom Accessories

* OOO Polish
Symantha - Unique Nail Polish

*check your email at 7am PST (10am PST) for exclusive access to the store ;)
Practice gratitude and join in the bounty of giving and receiving. SEE YOU IN A WEEK. Àsẹ!!!

Peace, Love, Shadow & Light,
Tanesha, C.E.O.

For questions, comments and/or concerns, please contact us at

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