Bubbling Bath Tea (Soak)

Bubbling Bath Tea (Soak)

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Re-introducing: Our lightly scented, highly coveted, all natural, hand blended bubbling bath tea/soaks. Now 20oz and packaged in a recyclable pouch. Recommended for relaxation and manifestation by way of self care through "Water Magic."


Rebirth: Great for resetting and grounding energy. This blend mimics our “Rebirth” body polish, boasting a uniquely fresh scent of cactus blossom & eucalyptus, and features lotus leaves, mint and rue to invigorate and cleanse the aura simultaneously. Rebirth includes a Clear Quartz crystal, Wooden spoon & Organza bags for easy clean up.


Empress: Highly coveted as a self care favorite, Empress features rolled oats, rose buds, crushed rose petals, lavender and the subtle scent of Honey & Plumeria. This blend reminds us to be kind to ourselves as we allow ourselves to relax into our body, open our hearts to receive and nurture ourselves as we nurture others. Empress includes a Red Aventurine crystal, Wooden spoon & Organza bags for easy clean up.


Ra Power: We don’t usually correlate a bath with energetic movement, however, *Ra Power has been formulated to focus on the Solar Plexus (The core of our confidence & drive) and trigger the **olfactory bulb in a way that reminds us we are alive, we can take on anything, that we are powerful in essence and have the will to accomplish our tasks with vigor. This soak is a unisex blend of Lemon Peel, Marigold, Mint leaves and scented with Pure Amber. Ra Power includes an Orange Calcite crystal, Wooden spoon & Organza bags for easy clean up.


Come To Me: While the solar plexus is the core of our confidence, the Heart chakra is the center/connector of our chakras. Come To Me is simply thee blend for manifesting the heart’s TRUE desire. This is a simplistic blend of Rose Buds, Lavender & Lovage, features a classic/unisex scent profile of Rose, Bergamot & Golden Amber. Come To Me includes a Rose Quartz crystal, Wooden spoon & Organza Bags for easy clean up.


Unbothered: A tribe favorite for unwinding and relaxing after a long week, stressful times or just to calm the energetic field. This is a base bath soak, featuring French Lavender buds, Eucalyptus leaves & a scent profile of Lavender, Vanilla & Eucalyptus. Unbothered includes a Blue Calcite crystal, Wooden spoon & Organza bags for easy clean up.


*Ra is an Egyptian Sun God. Sun/Solar.

**The Olfactory Bulb is a neural structure of the vertebrate forebrain involved in olfaction, the sense of smell. It plays a role in emotion, memory and learning.

20 oz


Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Dried Flowers, Grapeseed Oil, Phthalate Free Fragrance, Authentic Crystals.