Dusting Powder

Dusting Powder

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Our all natural, lightly scented, silky dusting powder is back!! Perfect for combating perspiration, or just feeling fresh throughout the day, this product absorbs moisture, prevents chaffing, and provides a pleasant aroma in conjunction. Each scent has been specially formulated to create a vibe while aligning with many of our other products.


Mantras + Scent Profiles:


Presence- “I Am Alive, Able, & Powerful in My Unforgiving Presence.” (Fragrant Notes of Amber, Sandalwood + Vanilla)


Gratitude- “I Am Grateful for All That I Have & All That is To Come.” (Fragrant Notes of Melon, Jasmine, Lavender + Acacia Wood)


Unbothered- “The Glass is Not Half Empty, Nor Full...It Just Is.” (Fragrant Notes of Lavender, Chamomile, Sage + Vanilla)


Aura Boost- “I Am A Magnet For Good Vibes Only.” (Fragrant Notes of Pear Blossom, Honeysuckle, Golden Amber + Musk)


Good Vibes Only- “I Am The Vibe. And I’m All Good.” (Fragrant Notes of Lily of the Valley, Watermelon, Amber + Musk)


Empress- “I Am Nurturing, Abundant, Lovable & Powerful.” (Fragrant Notes of Almond, Honey, Vanilla + Plumeria)


King Me- “I Am Loyal, Royal & Divinely Protected.” (Fragrant Notes of Bergamot, Cedar wood + Orange Zest)


3 oz


Made with:

Arrowroot Powder, Cornstarch, Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide, Natural (Phthalate free) Fragrance.


*Avoid use on dry skin and/or dry patches.