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Essence Soufflés

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Our Essence Soufflés are made with high vibe intentions. These crystal charged, super hydrating moisturizers were formulated to work for anyone experiencing dry, chapped skin. The textures are smooth, creamy & feature quality, certified organic ingredients such as mango butter, kokum butter & safflower oil. While our soufflés offer intense hydration, they do so without leaving behind the greasy feeling that comes with most body butters. A little BIT goes a long way...



The Empress features a gorgeous MoonStone crystal for the divine feminine within. If you love the smell of Jasmine, Milk & honey, live more on your feminine side (nurturing, motivational, healing, emotionally available...) this is the essence for you.

Venus + Mars was made for the balanced babe. It’s unisex scent is sexy and mysterious; fitting for the balancing act of masculine meets feminine we all have the ability to possess. Venus + Mars features a Clear Quartz crystal.

Jupiter is all about growth/expansion, good fortune/luck & optimism. All of these traits describe the scent of this soufflé best. With its hints of honeysuckle, pear blossom, and amber, the shift of energy is almost instant with this one. Jupiter includes a lovely Citrine crystal

Good Vibes Only offers a bubbly, floral and citrusy, uplifting fragrance. It’s reminiscent of spring/summer seasons with A fragrant blend that consists of a florals such as jasmine, violet & heliotropes, along with raspberry, cantaloupe & watermelon. This moisturizer includes the beautiful Sunstone crystal, which works with the solar plexus chakra to increase confidence, energy and bring positive energy into your auric field.

Transformation *reformulated* True to its name, this soufflé has been transformed and rebirthed; with a nurtured, fragrant medley of Lavender, Vanilla, Rosemary & mint, this new blend offers an essence made to transmute feelings of worry, lack and negativity. Includes an amethyst crystal to assist with transmuting energy.  


8 oz jar | Authentic Crystal inside 



Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Natural (phthalate free) Fragrance, Authentic Crystal.


** FINAL SALE. No Refund/exchanges.